The Charter Camper


Charter of the SICVERL (Syndicate of the Builders of Vehicles of Leisure activities) and of the CLC (Committee of Connection Camper)

Extract of the national guide of the areas of services camper 2000 published (edited) by The World of the Camper


" " Rights and homework (duties) of Camping-caristes


  Here is the charter of the good behavior that the users, as the professionals, would wish to see respected by all. The simple common sense which she (it) puts in motto is the guarantee of the perpetuity of our mode (fashion) of leisure activities.

Let us respect the charter and let us make know her (it) of all. Only the respect will allow of the good to welcome us.

Everywhere and permanently!  


  The use of the Camper, as means of transport is likened to that of the passenger cars and answers so the traffic rules applicable to this category of vehicles.  


In city centers or in urban environment (middle), it (he) is convenient to choose parking places:
  • In weak density of population.
  • Not hampering (bothering) the visibility and the practice of the business.
  • Establishing (constituting) no hindrance to traffic.
The use of the camper as house should be made in these places:
  • Without flood outside of the vehicle.
  • Without nuisances for the local residents.
  • Without monopolization of the public space.
  • By watching pets to avoid the possible stains.
  •  The evacuation of waste water will be made in the appropriate places, such as the areas of services, the borders, the public or private sanitary installations...

  Attention: the networks of waters pluviales (trenches) can not be used for the draining, because all do not benefit from a treatment of purge.

  • During the routes, all the gates of evacuation of waters should be closed.

  • The domestic garbage should be placed in bags  to be put down (deposited) in places foreseen for that purpose.

  The application of all these principles will contribute to the respect for others, to the protection of the environment and to the good reception in visited regions " "


  SICVERL 3-5  rue des  Cordelieres 75013 PARIS ( FRANCE )

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The Syndicate of the Builders and Vehicles of Leisure activities also takes charge of the defence of the users of campers concerning the excessive orders of municipalities in car park.


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